Faux Finishes & repair, Italian Venetian Plaster, painting, cabinet glazing, textures, drywall, trim repair, St. Louis and the Bi-State Region

"Chuck arrived with samples of his work and several ideas. He was able to tell me exactly how much it would cost, how long it would take, and stuck to his word unlike some contractors I have hired in the past. His professionalism is second to none."

- Doug Sidwell

The Interior Touch - Venetian Plaster - Faux Finishes - Dallas Texas
  • Italian / Venetian Plasters
  • Faux Finishes & Repair
  • Painting
  • Cabinet Glazing
  • Custom Textures
  • Drywall Repair
  • Trim Repair

Chuck starts with a consultation onsite to look at the space, measure and assess any wall preparations needed for the Italian / Venetian Plasters or Faux Finishes. During the consultation budget and timeline are discussed and Chuck is happy to collaborate on the design you are going for to help determine the ultimate finish that would be best for your vision. Once approved, another consultation for color and overall look of the finish follows.

Plaster Mediums:

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  • 100% Lime Plasters
    Travertino, Marmorino, Rasa Calce, Calcenova, Mantovano
  • Modified Lime Plasters
    (Has a percentage of resin) Calcenova Arredo, Stucco Romano, Coccio Pesto, Coccio Pietra, Sale E Pepe, Prontomuro S, Marmorino Lustro
  • Acrylic Resin Plasters
    Stucco Veneziano Primer & Finisher, Stucco Fiorentino, Stucco Veneziano Metallo Primer & Finisher, Spatola Verderame
  • Athermic Soundproofing Plaster
    Murs d'art (An inexpensive finish perfect for dressing up a media room to create a theater like sound eliminating echo)
  • Acrylic Cementious Plaster
  • Acrylic/Quartz glaze
    Aquarello Primer & Finisher (Used over Prontomuro S to create the Aquarello finish)
  • Acrylic/Quartz paint
    Etruria Primer & Finisher
  • Decorative paint for inside walls and wood

To browse our gallery of textured finishes & wall treatments, please click on the thumbnail below for a larger version and description of the finish. After clicking on an image, you can use your arrow keys or hover over/ then click the top corners to advance to the next example.

Textured Finishes & Wall Treatments

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